R a l p h A e s c h l i m a n
People often ask me, "How do you say your last name?" My response is usually, "As seldom as possible." It's a Swiss name and is hard for American's to pronounce. Most of my relatives say, ASH-ul-mun. The Swiss say ESH-lee-mahn. I prefer the Swiss pronunciation but anything close works fine for me, AYE-shul-mun, EE-shlee-man, or whatever. It's been a bit of a stumbling block all my life, eventhough it often gets me to the head of the line. I do think it has a classy look to it.

I'm not Swiss, though, I'm a Mexican. I was born in Mexico, down south there in Long Beach California. A place stolen by the United States along with Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, at the end of a gun, in a trumped up war, because we wanted California. So if someone steals your house and keeps it for a long time whose house is it, really?

My biography really is nothing more or less than what we now call ADD run rampant. I don't think of it as a 'disorder' so much as a personality trait. I get interested in things and get pretty good at them. This web site so far is an exhibition of two major aspects of my life, cartography and art. I hope you enjoy these pages.
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