Little Sales Gallery
Framed prints of small drawings in cheap frames of my choice. Adopt one, or more. The prints are made from images with twice the resolution of those on the website, they are printed on good paper and each is signed by the artist. These little drawings over the years have continued to delight me; they have substance! Some of the original drawings were begining to fade and I made digital prints in order to better preserve them. I'm making them available at $50 each.
Image of a drawing Image of a drawing Image of a drawing Image of a drawing
Download Ralph Aeschliman's Atlas of Mars only $5
Paintings and Collages in the Little Sales Gallery
Selected artwork including sculptures of my father, Ralph Aeschliman, Sr. 1916 - 2013
Image of a drawing Image of Artwork Image of Artwork Image of Artwork
A Walk in the Park 2011
collage 3 3/4" x 14" $1.200
Ruby Mantra 2007
collage 24" x 24" $2,500
Waves and Rocks 2011
collage 12" x 12" $750
1 Riddle of the Sphinx
2 Okanogan
3 Becalmed
4 Untitled-1
5 Sketch-1
copyright Ralph Aeschliman
Image of a drawing
When you are interested in adopting one of these little gems or want more information contact me here.
6 Dance of Memory
Image of Ed Nordin sculpture
Ruddy Duck bronze by John Ed Nordin
I should have a shopping cart set up soon but until then contact me and I'll manually get you access to download it.
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ralphaeschliman013016.jpg ralphaeschliman013015.jpg ralphaeschliman013014.jpg
Swan cedar by Ralph Aeschliman. Sr
19" x 11" x 9"
Beaver Bowl alder by Scott Jensen
Little Zen Garden 2009
collage 4" x 16" $1.250
Slow Start 2007
collage 15" x 15" $1,500
Geography of Chaos 2009
collage 5" x 9" $750
7 Sivilayzation
8 Sketch-2
9 Boat and Litehouse
10 Cold Front
11 Reclining Nudes
ralphaeschliman013005.jpg ralphaeschliman013004.jpg ralphaeschliman013003.jpg
The King by Ralph Aeschliman. Sr
1981 42" high $3,200
Collage by Eva Proby