Nowadays Fishtown is a kind of minor legend all its own. I don't want to say too much but the old shacks and structures there as well as an accepting attitude from local residents of LaConner and Skagit county towards their resident artists and poets provided us with just enough space to live and work. An attitude generated a lot, it seems to me by the climate -- a serious, gray, wet introspective climate. The first peoples, from southern Alaska to the coasts of Washington and Oregon, are known for the high aesthetic level of their arts. The visits in the 1950's and 60's by artists Mark Tobey, Morris Graves and Guy Anderson also helped.

Here are a few pictures from that era.
ralphaeschliman039006.jpg ralphaeschliman039005.jpg marsh-cabin-2.jpg ralphaeschliman039004.jpg ralphaeschliman039003.jpg ralphaeschliman039002.jpg
Stuck in the Mud
The Skagit River from Bald Island
I lived up Shit Creek with this boat, no paddle.
Ika Island (pron. eye-kay)
Me at Duck Hall
Duck Hall
Hot Pursuit